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Vladimir Putin (on the left), Mikhail Prokhorov (on the right)

Russian self-made billionaire and once an officially registered presidential candidate, 46-year-old, 6’7” bachelor Mikhail Prokhorov, also well known as the owner of the NBA Team – New Jersey Nets, has a new exciting project he and his company ONEXIM working on – it’s a so-called ‘City Car’ – the official brand name is ёМобиль (Yo-Mobile) – Electro-Mobile based on Russian Technology, and made almost solely from Russian components.

Yo-Mobile at Auto Show in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Technical solutions, which formed the basis of the car, helped to create a common platform for all models, which can be easily applied to cars for various purposes. Versatile platform allows implementing any design up to the totally futuristic looking vehicles. Like this one below that most likely will never be mass-produced.

In the first stage it was decided to stick to more conventional car design. So, the first “Prokhorov’s” or “Misha’s Car” (those are a couple of nicknames this hybrid car has been called unofficially) will be the urban compact van and a small crossover for youth, for which the company invented a new class of vehicle “Cross-Coupe.”

Although both cars have the same platform and headlights, the rest of the design for these two vehicles is completely different and they are not identified as members of the same brand.

Although the car’s design does not look too original, and has no “own” distinctive features, it might be just the right move for the mass production targeting Russian – extremely conservative – buyers. Any car that is pushing it a bid beyond of the usual and accepted forms maybe doomed to failure.  I personally have very conflicting feelings abut cars being painted in brown, green or blue mixed with beige, but hey, I could be just color blind.

Italian Pininfarina B0

Incidentally, a year ago, similar in technology, design and dimensions to Yo-Mobile’s platform electric car was produced by Italian Studio Pininfarina B0. We have the opportunity to compare the Russian and Italian designs.

ONEXIM promises to begin mass production of its vehicles in 2012. There are 158,000 orders have been placed through official web-site so far. ( http: //www.yo-auto.ru/yo-mobile/pre-order/ )

Would you consider joining the waiting list?

Comments on: "Russian Billionaire Prokhorov is Cooking a New Russian Electro Mobile" (95)

  1. I’m with you…. at the very least the beige has got to go!

  2. Michelle Gillies said:

    To me the issue will not be colours. The issue will be overcoming the failure of the Lada to survive the North Amercan market.

  3. I’m in LOVE with the little red one. My father-in-law (writes and publishes a hydrogen and fuel cell newsletter) is a bit of a buff for alternative fuel cars. I’ll have to ask him what his take is on this. On a different note: I like the way Prokhorov makes Putin look so small. I’m surprised they didn’t stage the photo so the height difference wouldn’t be so noticeable.

  4. Sid Dunnebacke said:

    I’m always up for hearing about innovations in cars – you say Russians are conservative, but I also see Americans being really slow to embrace anything besides the 100 year old combustion engine.

    Great photos!

  5. I would love to go on the waiting list for that red one….

  6. interesting story…and oh,my, what a very tall fellow! i’ll just pass on the car for now…:) thanks!

  7. I would like to have heard the nicknames for the first model! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. I like the red one! Thank you for your post!

    • Seems like there quite a few of us who would not mind to get on the waiting list for the Red One. Maybe it should be mass-produced after all;).

  9. I know we were supposed to be looking at the cars but I couldn’t help but notice how amazingly tall this dude is 😉
    Nicely cut in a suit too 😛
    But the cars are so futuristic looking – a very cool post!

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. The Quiet Borderline (back in hospital) said:

    Wow, cool cars! Great post.

  11. Very cool cars. After much thought and reviewing your blog, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award. I have included a brief explanation of why I specifically nominated you in my blog. Thanks for inspiring me, and may you continue to inspire others. 🙂 ML

  12. Ooo, enjoyed this! I’ve always wanted an electric car, but you REALLY have to live in a city to use one.

    A Russian one? About time….ease those fears about getting electricuted in one.

  13. Very interesting! I would love to own a practical and affordable electric vehicle!

  14. WordsFallFromMyEyes said:

    Great to see these pictures – I’ve been wondering about an electric car. I wonder…. It just doesn’t seem like it WOULDN’T leave me stranded…. But I loved the photos.

    • These ones don’t seem to be the smallest electric cars out there. Have your seen a Smart Car?

      • WordsFallFromMyEyes said:

        No, I haven’t see a Smart Car – I haven’t seen ANYt of these kinds of cars. It was a truly interesting post to me.

      • Aren’t there any of those on the streets of your City? I am surprised. We have Smart Cars drive and park here and there in NY. And in Europe they are even more popular.

  15. Reblogged this on PATCO Consulting, LLC and commented:
    New ideas from new places.

  16. Some of those colour combinations are fantastic

  17. Red one for me too! (Though where I live means I’d have to have doors, which would completely ruin it – I’ll have to talk to the Missus about moving somewhere warmer!!)

  18. If they produced the red one, I’m sure they would sell more than a few.

  19. This is so interesting! Thank you for sharing it! (Thank you for stopping by – and the likes!) 🙂

  20. How cool! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for dropping by and liking some of my posts!

  21. Didn’t know about these cars, thanks! I’ll have the red one too.

  22. lol…very cool!
    I wanted to thank you for visiting and for the follow….It is nice to have you on board…..I will be following your terrific blog as well….

  23. Im not sure that i like the cars.. but they are interesting.. :-).. great post

  24. Love your Russian stuff. And the Yomobile–people would buy it for the name alone. : )

  25. Love the Yo-Mobile. Perhaps they could build a model for exclusive sale in Philadelphia and call it the Yo-Adrian.

  26. This is fascinating! Regarding the first picture: I know that Putin is short, but I think that the billionaire might have paid for some growth hormones along the way. 🙂

  27. Very cool and interesting post…I absolutely love the red modern one. I think they should launch those on the US market. The others look to basic to capture my interest….and I think we’ve established that the beige has got to go… 🙂 Thanks so much for following my blog! I’m glad you found me so that I could find you. I love your blog already! Inspiring!

    • Thank you for leaving a comment, and supporting the beige color disapproval…lol… And hey, if we all voice for the red one to enter an American market, who knows, Mr. Prokhorov might consider doing just that. I am glad we are now connected. Thank you!!:)

  28. Wow!! Nice!!

  29. I find it interesting the lengths we go to alter how we go from A to B. Possibly we need to consider if A or B are worth being at.

    • Thank you for your comment Brett. What A and B stand for?:-)

      • A is where we are at and B is where we want to be. Sometimes creating something “better” is a change but not always for the better.

      • I will disagree with you – better is better:-).

      • If you are saying the world is a better place because we have better cars your head is in the sand. The world has 3D TV but we ignore the three dimensional problems that exist. You may feel richer for your smartphone but the world is impoverished by your ignoranhttps://public-api.wordpress.com/rest/?notes_iframece.

      • Nowhere in my post did I say that better cars will make the world a better place. Making the world a better place is so much more complex than making (or not making) cars. But these type of cars that work from green energy actually do contribute to a better ecology.

      • I agree that we are making advances in green energy but it is my belief that people who throw cans into a blue box believe that is enough. They drive to the health club when walking would make the membership pointless. We can all do more but so many do less. I did not mean to insult you thus the big IF at the beginning of my statement. I find that technology is as interested in obsolescence for further purchase than it is in making the world a better place. I think we need to lift our gaze from our phones once in a while and realize there are many who are oppressed at best and starving at worst.

      • If you are saying the world is a better place because we have better cars your head is in the sand. The world has 3D TV but we ignore the three dimensional problems that exist. You may feel richer for your smartphone but the world is impoverished by your ignorance.

  30. Dis car same as a Tata Nano car………

  31. If they made one that looked like a Faberge egg, it would sell in upscale U.S. markets.

  32. Whhhooaa! Those are some great cars! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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