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Did Bethenny Frankel go too far this time? Pushing the envelope is one thing, but pushing Dr. Oz’ TV Show the whole hour ahead, and getting his 11AM spot on FOX (http://www.bethenny.com/) takes her super powers to the whole new level! I mean, is there anything this ‘Skinny Girl’ can’t do?! You don’t have to answer – this question is a rhetorical one. I watched her “first” TV Talk Show on ’Ellen’ today, and I personally doubt it very much that it was indeed her very first time hosting a talk show – a hint – that’s why I put “first’ in quotes. My theory is – Beth had been schooled to go after her dreams at a secret college (trust me, all successful people went to that college at some point in their lives) – somewhere in another Galaxy, in the Outer Space. And that’s where Beth made Friends in Higher Places, who now support and empower her here on Earth.

And to whoever is spreading rumors about Beth’s and Jason’s divorce – get life! One of the ‘Bethenny’ show’s guests implied that black men’s penises are bigger than that of white men, and Bethenny immediately asked for proof! Beth felt comfortable making a joke like this, even though her husband was a part of the audience. My point – it takes a very special man to handle a strong and successful woman, and it takes balls to say whatever you feel like saying in front of your husband while hosting a show on the National TV.

I feel these two were custom designed for each other, and so they will… they must live happily ever after. Now that I made this statement, Bethenny, you and Jason’d better make it work!

Bethenny, Congrats on your Big TV Talk Show Debut. I loved it. Keep on rocking!

Comments on: "Bethenny Frankel Shoved Dr. OZ" (17)

  1. She looks beautiful, like a super model. Hope her show will be sucessful. but actually I am interested in Dr Oz much more.

    • There is no doubt in my mind that Bethenny’s show will be a Huge Success (it actually already is). Just try watching Beth’s show, and you’ll be hooked – she’ve got me addicted ever since I saw her on ‘The Real Housewives of New York” few years ago. And you’ve got nothing to worry about – Dr. Oz gets his turn at 12 noon, and then at 4pm. The only challenge you have is to find a spare time to watch TV:-)

  2. I can’t believe people are enthralled by her. The only “Beauty” I see in her is the fact she can fit into a size 1/2/3 dress. Sorry, not a fan.

    • Here you go – fitting into size 3 would be a huge challenge for me:). She is a good looking girl, but it’s her charisma (not physical beauty) that inspires me personally.

  3. NYParrot – you’re pulling a NY on us! I’ve long suspected NYers know exactly where that special school is! And you all get to vote in the attendees! :D.

  4. Out of my area of expertise and concern.

  5. Wow. By which I mean, wow.

    I have never heard of this Bethenny before – so that might make you feel better!

    That pic of her & the guy holding her up – he is SO checking it out!!

    Very sarcastic take on her schooling, but I do suspect some went to such a school & ‘came into possession’ of friends in higher places.

    You will NOT believe me, but it is true: having never seen her before, when I saw the first photo I thought ‘that woman is very ugly’. It is a horrible thought to have, very unkind, & I didn’t mean to have it, but it came to me nonetheless.

    Interesting post – and I do like aFrankAngle’s comment!


    • Thank you for your comment, Noeleen. I think Bethenny is beautiful. I must have chosen the wrong photo – I am changing it right now!:), so hopefully you’ll change your mind about her looks. But it’s not about looks with Beth – she is such a worrier. Everything she has – she has accomplished on her own – She worked very, very hard, and worked all kind of jobs, and had failed many times before she’ve succeeded big time. Her childhood was anything but cloudless (http://starcasm.net/archives/56742), and she is still working through all the psychological aftermath, but she does not quit. And, just like you, Beth shares her story with the world (http://starcasm.net/archives/56742). And that is why I admire her, and celebrate her success as my own – her story inspires me to never give up on myself and on my dreams.

  6. I admit that I don’t follow Bethenny. But sometimes I feel like shoving Dr. Oz myself. So I can see where she may have been coming from on that one.

  7. Best wishes to Bethenny and Jason… I personally love Dr. Oz. 🙂

  8. I’m a faithful Houeswives fan and after she left RHONY, started watching her Bethenny Ever After show. I’ll admit, I really liked watching it even tho hearing her whining and crying about how miserable her life is (a millionaire with a happy, healthy baby, a handsome loving husband, a thriving business, fame…etc…yeah, it’s a hard life) I started reconsidering watching her — it was getting to be too much! I have to say tho, I’m curious to read her book…and try her cocktails…and if I were home during the day I’d watch her talk show. So, even tho she drives me nuts she is certianly a marketing genius with a flair for PR who has definitely made herself one hell of a life. Oh, and I like her website too. LOL

    • I am so with you on this! It’s like from a very reasonable and wise girl she used to be on Housewives she all the sudden transformed into some kind of needy, unreasonably demanding, and unappreciative nag at Bethenny Ever After. But you know what, I have a theory – I think she was just playing a character to keep it interesting for us – viewers. Cause, let’s face it – the most interesting characters to watch, whether on reality TV or in the movies – it’s dysfunctional ones.:)

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