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Shopping, Shopping, Shopping… What season of the year, what a happening in my life – no matter how big or small – had not I shared with you? You’ve got me sprung from the very moment my mom introduced me to you when I was only one year old…

Well, actually – now that we know each other for so long, I feel comfortable being completely honest with you – and so I admit, I started to remember and acknowledge you only after I became 5.

From baby dolls, stuffed animals, and girlish bows that my parents bought for me, to cocktail dresses, killer heals and intricate make-up along with mysterious perfumes and all kinds of bags, that I had mined on my own – little by little you grew on me. You made me feel accepted. All I had to do to become a member of like-minded community was to walk through the doors of your stores. Our chemistry was immediate and undeniable.

We’ve been through a lot together. In your gracious presence I was picking up and trying on all sorts of sexy outfits for my first date with Alex, then Andrew, then… Well, you know – you cheered me up and sent me on my way. Later, browsing through your motley aisles, I found so much comfort in spending quite a bit more than usual in my quest to mend my wounded heart after my break up with Alex, then Andrew, then… I don’t have to tell you – you were there. You are always there for me when I need you.

You witness me every time, when I’m being on my mission determined to find a perfect gift for my parents, my friends, or my colleagues on special occasions. Birthdays, Christmases, Anniversaries and all sort of other events – we see it through together – never give up on each other.

While giggling and discussing latest gossips, my girlfriends and I can spent hours strolling through your shelves and aisles, hunting for the best deals, discovering new designers, scaling the prices, trying on new outfits, exchanging fashion ideas, and advising each other on what fits our ever changing bodies best. What a joy! What a blissful way for one to express and spoil thyself!  It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s therapeutic.

Every event, every passage of my career, and every turn in my life – you welcome me – no questions asked.

Daffy’s (http://www.daffys.com/), Marshalls (http://www.marshallsonline.com/), Loehmanns (http://www.loehmanns.com/), Macy’s (http://www1.macys.com/), Sephora (http://www.sephora.com/) – those are just a few of my favorite stores.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, the chemistry between us is strong. We click. We understand and need each other. We are friends, we’re partners in crime. And I am not afraid, and only happy to say: I DO, I DO… love you… I love you, Shopping. Here, I said it!

Comments on: "My Love Confession to Shopping" (84)

  1. The obsession with shopping … hmmmm …. is it nature or nuture? 😉

  2. I break the stereotype of women and shopping. Don’t enjoy it at all. Thank goodness for online purchases. On the other hand, if it’s chocolate I’m shopping for… 🙂

  3. This sounds like Confessions of a Shopaholic! 😉
    I love shopping, too, and my favorite go-to place is Nordies when they’re having their Anniversary Sale. I can sure rack up a bundle there!

  4. Guilty as charged – you caught me red handed… lol

  5. Hahaha. I love shopping too! But after about 3 hours I get so overwhelmed with choice I have to go home…Online suits me better 😉

    • On line shopping is not for me – not for clothing anyway. A couple of times I’ve ordered shoes and a jacket on line, I’ve received in one instance shoes that don’t fit me (even though the size was mine), and the second time, instead of a leather jacket I’ve received a coat from a very strange – unknown on Earth – material:).

  6. Hahaha. I love shopping too! But after about 3 hours I have to go home; too many choices scrambling my brain. Online suits me better. Or worse, according to my wallet.

  7. Phabulous photos in this post!!! Phull of joy!

  8. That was a cute post and I agree the photos went along so nice with the post. You did a good job showing your joy of shopping. :+) I bet in New York you have all kinds of places to go shopping.

    • Yes, New York has a wealth of Heavenly Shoping Opportunities for Shopping Bees as myself..lol.. Malls, Department Stores, and Boutiques – you name it – we have’em all here;).

      • Don’t forget the fine restaurants and cheese shops and art museums and theater. :+) So much goodness so little time.

      • Yes, the variety of cuisines, and the choices of events and shows to attend, many of which are completely free, museums, art galleries… it’s amazing. I feel so blessed to live here!

  9. I love shopping too… Especially handmade things, bookstores, music stores, antique shops, porcelains, etc. shops, craft shops, dolls and toys shop, fabric and yarn shops… and shoe shops 🙂

    and my love hates to see me in shopping… 🙂

    Thanks and Love, nia

  10. Yes. Shopping is quite fun.

  11. Ha yes shopping!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow

  12. Alex, Andrew….Working your way through the alphabet huh?

  13. Well, alphabetically that is.

  14. Love shopping too! and I’m totally addicted to online shopping now!! easy & always has some great deals!

  15. LOL! I love your love letter to shopping. I’m a fair weather fan of shopping. I have to be in the mood for it. It’s funner for me to shop when I have a purpose, like must buy gift for person x, or I really do need a pair of dress pants for work because I don’t have time to repair the hems on the other pairs I’ve been wearing the past few months.

    • I love shopping for gifts – definitely!! By the way, have you heard – Daffy’s is going out of business… What a loss – it’s my favorite store of all…

      • That sucks! Isn’t that always the case – you find a place or product you like and it goes out of business or gets discontinued. Well, guess you will have to do some more shopping to find a new favorite store!

      • Exactly!! It’s always happening to me – just when I fall in love with a product – all of the sudden it’s not produced anymore. I thought I was the only one noticing this:-).

  16. Hahahhahahaha .. shopping is fun but at last the I love you popping .. LOL

  17. Hi, You all look to be enjoying yours selves. Looks fun. Thank you for liking my poem @The Cinema Gunman. Best Wishes. malctg The Foureyed Poet.

  18. I’m right there with you. I LOVE shopping, but my budget doesn’t always allow me to darken the doorways of the department stores I love so much.
    That’s why I thank god for thrift stores. While I lived in Memphis, I’d make sure I devoted entire days to shopping in thrift stores to find the undiscovered, untouched gems. Prada bags, an Armani suit. A darling Kate Spade dress. All in perfect condition and with their original tags still attached. I was dressed so well from that, no one believed I was actually homeless. LOL Oh yes…. I love shopping so much.

    and I’d judging by the research I’ve done on the history of fashion and cosmetics, I’d have to say this obsession is most definitely nature. Human nature. I think it boils down to a love of beauty in general than just the act of shopping itself. Rock on, my sister. Rock on.

    • Hey, we are SO on the same page, Sister:-). I love shopping at Daffy’s, but after 51 years, they are going out of business… Where am I supposed to shop now?! Well… I will sure come up with new ideas…lol Aloha!

  19. A unique post about shopping.Wish luck,and thank you for visiting my site.

  20. angchronicles said:

    The photos are fabulous. Just makes me want to shop…oh, I’ll be in NYC on Friday. Wait, I just left TJ Maxx.

  21. Shopping can be therapeutic. But when you max out your credit card, you might need more than therapy. 🙂 I enjoyed your lovely post and photos. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    • Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. And yes, going over the credit card limit would not feel like fun at all – luckily, it never happened to me:-).

  22. Very funny. I love the little figure going “I love you this much”

  23. So, what’s not to like!

  24. […] park? Now, that is an unfair question!  I LOVE shopping.  Oh shopping, how do I love thee?  The nyparrot said it best.  But oh.  Oh how I love the outdoors.  Playing frisbee and blowing bubbles. […]

  25. You’ve got to know I love this post. As a Costume Designer in Film and Television shopping is 1/2 of my job. This is an absolutely fabulous post. Congratulations!

  26. I like shopping in health food stores but other than that_____ I do like your post on shopping!!!! and thanks for the like on my blog

  27. Let’s go – but you must let me buy books before we come home and make a last stop for a leisurely coffee at a bistro.

  28. laurie27wsmith said:

    I hate shopping for groceries but love eating. Get me in a clothing shop and I hang around looking at leather jackets, I must look like a needy person. I visited Texas from Australia ten years ago, when I saw Walmart I nearly fell over. My favourite is second hand shops, so much stuff. I could go on but I won’t. Like your site.

    • Great to connect with you here, Laurie. It’s quite refreshing to hear that a man finds some joy in shopping – at least once in a while:-).

  29. Thanks for the follow!

  30. nice work -Ive been on the computer for over a week=sick-then the cable got messed up, I had 977 messages piled u, so obviously I wont be able to do a lot-still not well-rough week. Hope you are doing well–beebeesworld

    • I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well, BeeBee. I hope you’ll get better in no time, and your computer gets fixed too:). Sending some positive vibes your way!

  31. Nyparrot, thank you for following my blog all the way from the Big Apple. Alas, I shall never have a love affair with shopping. As a teenager I was totally into horses, books, books, books, writing and more books. I never once went shopping with my best friend. We had a blast reading together though and sitting on the bank of the stream dreaming of owning our own horse. We’re still friends 50 years later but sadly, live in different states and haven’t seen each other for about twenty years. To those of you who love shopping, I have to admit I am slightly envious. You always seem to have so much fun together — long may it last.

    • Hey there. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Litha. I completely agree with you – shopping is something that’d better be avoided in favor of reading or other wonderful and interesting activities that could be shared with our friends and loved ones. Once in a while though… I just can’t help it:-). Besides, that’s what the return policy is for – to reverse the implosive purchases…lol

  32. I’m a guy and I LOVE shopping. . this post was great! Thanks for sharing it with the world!

  33. I am not the regular shopping woman, but you are so right, after my divorce, shopping therapy withmy friends was the best thing ever, it got me back on track and I really enjoy it now.

    • I am sorry you had to go through a divorce, Utesmile, but I am very happy you’ve discovered unscientific, yet very effective way to get back on track of having fun and enjoying girlish activities;).

  34. I am just the opposite. I needed new jeans over the holidays since all of my others were so filled with holes that I was feeling a bit too much of the winter dampness. So I took my 9-yr-old son to a jeans store. He sat down with a book. I told the staff what I was looking for. I tried on 6 pairs of jeans and went home with 4–all in the span of 20 minutes. I won’t have to go jeans shopping for a year or two now. :o) I hate browsing, trying to find things I like, will wear, and am willing to pay for. Other than the jeans, I haven’t bought clothes for at least a year. I did go Christmas shopping for others under duress.

    Now, if you let me loose in a bookstore, that’s a different story. I frequent several local stores a week, believing it’s my personal responsibility to keep San Francisco’s independent bookstores open and thriving…

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